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R&S®HMO Complete 4

Bundle includes: HMO3054 Oscilloscope + all software options + 2 logic probes

Product type Bundle includes: HMO3054 Oscilloscope + all software options + 2 logic probes

Quick Overview

Take advantage of the HAMEG®HMO Complete 4 and save 33% on our Special Bundle!
And this is included:
• HMO3054 mixed-signal oscilloscope
• 500 MHz, 4 channels
• all software options
• HO3516: 2x8 channel logic probe

Key Facts

All included!
Save 33% on our HAMEG®HMO Complete 4


HAMEG®HMO3054 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

  •  500 MHz bandwidth
  •  4 channels
  •  4GSa /s Real Time, Low Noise Flash A /D Converte
  •  8 MPts Memory, Zoom up to 200,000:1
  •  MSO functionality included, Logic Probe with 16 Logic Channels included.
  •  Vertical Sensitivity 1 mV/div., Offset Control ±0.2…±20 V 
  •  6-Digit Hardware Counter
  •  Real-Time FFT (dBm, dBV, Vrms), up to 64 kPts
  •  Automatic Search for user-defined Events
  •  Pass/Fail Test based on Masks
  •  Auto-Measurement: max. 6 Parameters incl. Statistic, Formula Editor, Ratio Cursor
  •  Display Range: 12 div. x-Axis, 20 div. y-Axis (VirtualScreen)
  •  Trigger Modes: Slope, Video, Pulsewidth, Logic, Delayed, Event, Hold-Off
  •  Automatically or manually adjustable Memory Depth
  •  3 x USB for Mass Storage and Remote Control

Software options

  •  HOO10: BUS Analysis of I²C, SPI and UART/RS-232 signals on analog and logic channels
  •  HOO12: BusAnalysis of CAN and LIN signals on analog and logic channels
  •  HOO14: Segmented Memorry

Digital Probes

  •  Digital Probe HO3516 (2x HO3508) 
  •  2 x 8 Channels

Included standard:
HAMEG®HMO3054 + HO730 Ethernet/USB dual-interface, Line cord, printed operating manual, 4x 500MHz probes (HZ355), 10:1 with attenuation ID, software-CD, SIP/I²C/UART bus analysis (HOO10), CAN/LIN bus analysis (HOO12), Segmented Memory (HOO14), HO3516 2x8 channel logic probe (2xHO3508)