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Switch Matrix

Product type Switch Matrix

Quick Overview

Switch Matrix - Model .09
2 Inputs & 9 Outputs
24 GHz
Key Facts

General Information


  • R&S®ZV-Z81 Model .09 
  • Switch Matrix
  • 2 Inputs & 9 Outputs
  • frequency range: 50 MHz to 24 GHz
  • switch type: full crossbar / electronic


The Switch Matrix R&S ZV-Z81 is used as an external switching gate matrix for the vector network analyzers (VNA) of the R&S ZNB family (R&S ZVA support limited). In their basic versions, they are designed for bidirectional measurements on objects with a maximum of 2 gates. Depending on the device version, the Switch
Matrix R&S ZV-Z81 increases the number of measurement gates to 5 or 9 gates. In this case, the frequency may be between 50 MHz and 24 GHz.