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Wideband Radio Communication Tester, RF Production Tester

Product type Wideband Radio Communication Tester, RF Production Tester

Quick Overview

Wideband Radio Communication Tester,
RF Production Tester
Key Facts

Unit with Options

  • CMW-PS503          R&S®CMW500 Basic Assembly (mainframe)


  • CMW-S100A          Baseband Measurement Unit, with 1GByte digitizer memory
  • CMW-S550B          Baseband Interconnection, flexible link, for non-signaling, signalingand IQ access
  • CMW-S570B          RF Converter (TRX)
  • CMW-S590D          RF Frontend, advanced functionality
  • CMW-S600B          CMW500 frontpanel with display/keypad


  • CMW-B100A          Extra Baseband Measurement Unit, with 1GByte digitizer memory
  • CMW-B110A          Baseband Generator, with 1GByte ARB memory
  • CMW-B200A          Signaling Unit Universal (SUU), carrier for GSM / CDMA2000® 1xRTT /

                                  CDMA2000® 1xEV-DO or WiMAX™ Signaling Modules

  • CMW-B210A          GSM Signaling Module for SUU
  • CMW-B270A          WLAN signaling module for SUU
  • CMW-B300B (2x)   Signaling Unit Wideband (SUW), for WCDMA / LTE
  • CMW-B400B          Audio analyzer/generator
  • CMW-B405A          Speech Codec
  • CMW-B570B          Extra RF Converter (TRX)
  • CMW-B612B          IEEE Bus, two interfaces (slave/slave or master/slave)
  • CMW-B620A          Digital Video Interface (DVI)
  • CMW-B690B          OCXO, high stability



  • CMW-KB036 (2x)   Extended frequency range, 3.3 GHz to 6 GHz, per RF converter
  • CMW-KM012          TX measurement, Multi Evaluation List Mode / MELM
  • CMW-KM200          GSM GPRS EDGE Release 6, TX measurement, uplink
  • CMW-KM400          WCDMA Release 99, TX measurement, uplink
  • CMW-KM401          WCDMA Release 5/6 HSPA , TX measurement, uplink
  • CMW-KM500          LTE FDD Release 8, TX measurement, uplink
  • CMW-KM650          WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g, TX measurement, IEEE 802.11a requires 6 GHz frequency range
  • CMW-KS200           GSM GPRS EDGE Release 6, signaling/network emulation, basic functionality
  • CMW-KS210           GSM GPRS EDGE Release 6, signaling/network emulation, advanced functionality
  • CMW-KS400           WCDMA Release 99, signaling/network emulation, basic functionality
  • CMW-KS401           WCDMA Release 5/6 HSPA, signaling/network emulation, basic functionality
  • CMW-KS410           WCDMA Release 99, signaling/network emulation, advanced functionality
  • CMW-KS411           WCDMA Release 5/6 HSPA, signaling/network emulation, advanced functionality
  • CMW-KS500           LTE FDD Release 8, SISO, signaling/network emulation, basic functionality
  • CMW-KS510           LTE Release 8, SISO, signaling/network emulation, advanced functionality
  • CMW-KS650           WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g signaling, basic functionality
  • CMW-KS660           WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g signaling/access point emulation, advanced functionality
  • CMW-KT053           GSM / WCDMA, CMWrun sequencer software tool
  • CMW-KT055           LTE, CMWrun sequencer software tool
  • CMW-KT057           Wireless Connectivity (WiMAX™, WLAN, BT), CMWrun sequencer software tool
  • CMW-KV110           Waveforms for ARB generator, library 1



General Information


  • Multi-technology (LTE, WCDMA, GSM and CDMA2000®) protocol tester with a layer 1 to layer 3 stack implementation
  • Future-proof, powerful RF hardware that supports all 3GPP defined bandwidths up to 6 GHz and technology beyond LTE Rel-12
  • Data rates up to 150 Mbps in the downlink and 50 Mbps in the uplink
  • MIMO 2 x 2 and MIMO 4 x 2
  • Multicell and inter-RAT capability
  • MLAPI Interface for layer 1 to layer 3 signaling scenarios with automatic configuration of the layers below
  • Groundbreaking graphical test script tool (R&S®CMWcards) for easy creation of application tests
  • Revolutionary protocol test tool chain to speed up error analysis and root cause finding


The R&S®CMW500 is the universal tester for testing the air interface of wireless devices. The R&S®CMW500 can be used in all phases of product development and production and supports all common cellular and non-cellular wireless technologies