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SKU# BG_1321.1111.02_101417

Regular Price: € 4,635.00

Special Price: € 3,490.00

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R&S® Spectrum Rider FPH

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, 2 GHz

Product type Handheld Spectrum Analyzer, 2 GHz

Quick Overview

Handheld Spectrum Analyzer,2 GHz

Key Facts

Unit with Options


  • FPH-B22         Spectrum Analyzer Preamplifier




General Information


  • Frequency ranges from 5 kHz to 2/3/4 GHz; upgrade via keycode
  • Solid RF performance
  • Ideal for field use: 8 hour battery life, 2.5 kg (5.5 lb) weight, backlit keypad, fast boot time, nonreflective display, small footprint, ruggedized housing
  • Large color display with touch and gesture operation
  • Measurement wizard that supports measurement campaigns speeds up measurements and avoids errors
  • Features and options for various industries such as aerospace and defense, wireless communications, broadcasting, spectrum regulators and education
  • Easy and cost-efficient upgrades of all options via software keycode
  • Three-year warranty as standard (battery one year)